SDK Update / Tango [SOLVED]

SmartAV have released a new version (v.3.2.2) which seems to cover many of the changes in N6.

There are lots of new programmable commands and the EQ seems to be working!

Good news, I would like to see it in action…


yes, this update should solve the problems. We have just discussed the status with Smart AV
and they assured us that it will be the solution.


Oh, there you are - welcome back.

It’s good to see you comment on this subject Timo, I thought we’d lost you!

The new N6 EQ is now properly mapped to Tango which is a great step forward. What’s the situation with the new channel functions in N6 ( Tape/Tube Sat, Comps, trans shaper etc…) Will they be made available in the remote SDK?



yes I’m still here :wink:
I try to be in the forums (and different topics) as often as possible.
However, I’ll go to AES/NY soon which means I need to leave the
forum again for a couple of days…


This is a quote from an email I received yesterday from SmartAV: “…we have no way of controlling new N6 MixConsole parameters until Steinberg provides us with documentation / new Remote SDK”

At the moment the Tango can only open and close the Racks, so it would be great if the Channel Strip effects parameters were made available in the Remote SDK.


the channel strip is a different topic. SmartAV - such as any other 3rd party - is using the remote connection kit at their own “risk” as it is not yet an “officially” supported Steinberg SDK. This is a known fact. However, as I stated in previous emails, we will try to help them where can to map the new parameters, even though they’re able to do it themselves.
I will push this topic again inhouse.


Hi Timo,

The Channel Strip is exactly what Blueman is referring to, not a different topic. Or would you prefer it if I started a new topic relating to why these new parameters do not appear to be available in the SDK and why the SDK is not yet officially supported by Steinberg even though N6 has been available for some time now?

Can you give any indication as to when Steinberg will officially support their own SDK?

I get the distinct impression that this whole issue is on the back burner for some reason; at least there certainly seems to be a nebulous nuage hanging over it!


that is a good wordplay actually :wink:

The reason why it is taking so long is that the remote control kit is no “SDK” as per common definition. It’s rather an implementation on a developer level for those hardware companies not using HUI or EuCon. There are very few companies actually using the remote kit. However, that doesn’t solve the problem in your case.
As I said, we need to give it another push on both sides, Steinberg and SmartAV. In the long run I see however the necessity of turning the remote kit into a “real” SDK as we are getting more and more requests for a Nuendo integration with hardware that isn’t EuCon compatible.

When back from AES I’ll take care of that there will be this “push”. That’s all I can say from “on the road” so far.

All the best,

Thanks Timo,

I was pleased with that one too!

That is encouraging information.

Gute Reise und viele Glueck,


That’s good news Timo,

I really hope you can push this along, so we can all update to N6 & live happily ever after on Nuage 9 (sorry Chris, can’t top your wordplay)


Not bad, not bad at all. :slight_smile:

For those who may be in the market for one, let’s hope it doesn’t take nine versions to get it right!

I’ll be at the Yamaha CA booth tomorrow 1:00 pm if some of you guys like to meet.


Any news??

Thanks in advance.

Best regards.

So what ever happened regarding the Tango working with N6 (and, hopefully, 6.5)? Does everything work now? Is it safe to consider buying one?

Yes - Tango software version 3.2.3 makes it compatible with Nuendo 6.

It works very well for me, although there are some minor ‘focus’ issues caused by the focus issues in Nuendo itself. Hopefully Steinberg will sort these out with the N6.5 update.

What Fenderchris said, it works very well with N6. john.

I just want to add my 2 cents and thank Steinberg for continuing to support third party control surfaces such as Tango. I am a Tango user and truly feel I couldn’t live without it. In its price range and beyond I don’t believe any other control surface can match it.

Amen to that.

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