SE performer

Has anyone been able to get SE performer to work? my friend and i just keep getting error messages and we both have hardwired fast connections. We have tried it both directions and get the same cannot connect message. any ideas?

What is the exact message? If it says “you may try again later” that means a peer to peer connection can not be established. In that case, one or both of you have to apply port forwarding to your router/firewall (see manual, click question mark button).

Thanks for the help. I have no idea how to do this but I’ll research it and try. Just curious, I have a router that the Internet company put in my home and connected to that is my Mac airport. Do I do this port forwarding thing in the router or in the Mac airport?


Yes I am wondering same, I am assuming port forward is on Mac router or Cisco or whatever. Just type or whatever router address is and if I remember correctly choose port forward and range should be 51111 to 51113. I am scheduled to test with someone in morning. Let me know what happens for you