(SE3) Bluetooth headphones not working with Dorico?

I just downloaded Dorick a couple of days ago and I’ve had an issue where sound won’t playback through my headphones? Its only in dorico so I’m not sure what the issue is, my volume is up and I’ve checked system settings and nothing seems out of the ordinary. The sound will play out of my laptop speakers but nothing else. If anyone has any idea what’s up please lmk, thanks

Welcome to the forum, ashllnayak2!

Did you start Dorico with your bluetooth headphones connected?

Did you chose them in Doricos preferences?

Maybe also this thread might help:

Also, please tell us whether you are on Win or Mac.
And contrary to what klafkid just mentioned, it’s not the preferences where you need to adjust, but under Edit > Device Setup.
BlueTooth headphones do work with Dorico. I have a pair of JBLs and Sennheisers here that both work flawlessly on Mac and Win.

sorry, I was referring to the possibility to change the audio device in the general settings under “Playback” > “Audio Devices”. Of course Ulf’s method is way quicker!