(SE3) Bluetooth headphones not working with Dorico?

I just downloaded Dorick a couple of days ago and I’ve had an issue where sound won’t playback through my headphones? Its only in dorico so I’m not sure what the issue is, my volume is up and I’ve checked system settings and nothing seems out of the ordinary. The sound will play out of my laptop speakers but nothing else. If anyone has any idea what’s up please lmk, thanks

Please load a project into Dorico and then choose from the main menu Help > Create Diagnostics Report. The corresponding zip file please attach here. Thanks

If you are using an Apple, you have to create a new audio device in your audio midi setup which controls your headphones.
In Dorico you can now choose this new audio device in Edit > Device setup.
Hope it works.

Be aware that Bluetooth audio has lag and compression. For serious work you probably want wired.

That’s true.

And I also have had issues trying to get Dorico to work with my blue tooth headphone (Bose QC35) on a Surface Pro. It works fine though with Sibelius and StaffPad (aside from the latency).

Peter, you still have problems with your BT headphones? Might be a bit tricky to get them going in Dorico, but it is definitely possible.