SE3, LE4, & AI7 what to do?

I know this is a common subject but searches only confound me. I have a new computer now using the Steinberg UR22 and the AI7 that came with it. I love it. I have projects from SE3 and LE4 saved on an external hard drive from the old computer. These projects only used drum loops. I now have a friend that can go back and put real drums on. See where this is going? I also have a laptop that can handle recording so I can go to his house. I would prefer to use what’s already recorded, without the drums, but…

Question, is trying to work with the old projects from SE3 and LE4 going to be more hassle that completely rerecording everything? Loaded question I know. I am talking about probably 10-12 songs.

To open the SE3 projects you would need at least Cubase Artist 7.5:

I hope this information helps.

Thanks. I found that chart.