SE4: Installation of Sound Content problem

I have Cubase Pro 12 and yesterday I installed Dorico SE4 running Steinberg Download Assistant.

As a part of the installation, I installed “Sound Content for Dorico SE4 (recommended)”. It’s 2,94 GB of content.

As my target folder is the desktop, I have this desktop folder: “OSX/Sound Content for Dorico SE 4 (recommended)”. Inside there are 42 .vstsound files.

My question is what I have to do with these files. Can I remove them because they are already installed in another location?

If I can not remove the folder, I need to move them. How I proceed to move it?


I’m not 100% sure but you should have at least most of the contents already installed from Cubase 12.
The destination is /Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Contents
Have a look in that folder (and subfolders) and see if already everything is there.

The “OSX/Sound Content for Dorico SE 4 (recommended)” is just a temporary location that SDA uses to download the files. Once they’ve been downloaded they will be installed into their permanent location by a different app called the Steinberg Library Manager - you can launch SLM on its own to see where they’ve ended up. Assuming the installation has gone OK you should indeed be able to delete the files on your desktop.

Thanks for the replies.

In the SLM there are only one content installed with date of today (I installed yesterday, but after midnight) that is the Indian Drum Basics. The rest of Halion Sonic content I assume is part of the installation of Cubase Pro 12, so the installer of Dorico SE4 has not installed what was already installed. Here is a screenshot:

So I will remove now the desktop folder and try if everything works fine.
Thanks again.