SE4 - Reinstall Content (help?)

Hi folks,

I have been trying to get SE4 working in Artist 7.5 on Windows 7 but the content was not showing (I had red empty icons on every drum pad).

Anyway, after much experimentation I contacted Tech Support who said there is a big issue regarding the content of SE4 on my PC. So I have been advised to uninstall it and re-intstall again from scratch. My question is please, I cannot find where I am able to download SE4 content from the Steinberg website downloads page ? And on my Artist 7 dvd I could not see it either (unless I am blatantly missing it?). So I am wondering if it was installed when after upgrading from Artist 6 to Artist 7 (I still have the physical dvd for this), I was granted a ‘Grace Period Upgrade’ from Artist 7 to 7.5. And if this is the case, then do I need to re-install Cubase 7.5 again? :confused:

Really not sure what to do here guys. Or if anyone can point me to where the isolated SE4 content is for download on line or on dvd?

Its working totally fine on my Windows 8.1.

Thanks very much indeed.

Paul David Seaman

Anyone able to help with this please ? I looked thru my installation discs of Artist 6 and 7 but I am thinking the SE4 Content may be from the ‘Grace Period’ download updrade. Really not sure what to do or if it means re-installing Cubase Artist 7.5 again from scratch (which I really don’t want to have to do if I can help it). Ta.

I would give a try to reinstalling the latest version 7.5. I think once it sees itself on your disk it will give the option to “Repair” and I would try that first. I did a fresh install of 7.5 Cubase and can tell you that is all I put on the drive and I ended up with SE4 installed just fine. Thus the content you seek is in that package as I had no other files or versions on my drive. I still disagree with Steiny on the way they delivered 7.5. It was a one size fits all package including both the Mac and PC side. Making for a huge download file that taxed Steinys server resources to deliver. I hope next go around they split the files up and I don’t think we will ever see it, but a version of SE4 split off by itself would be useful in cases such as yours.


The content was not on my dvd because it was Cubase Artist 7 disc. So I had to download Artist 7.5 from the site and run a ‘custom’ install (though the install wizard automatically sensed that it was missing during the process). I upgraded from 7 to 7.5 as a free ‘grace’ period download.

I tried it real quick when I got back home this evening and content was appearing within SE4. I checked a couple of the ‘grooves’ and they seemed to play ok but I will need to check more of them tomorrow.

One strange thing I noticed was that only GA1 and SE4 were appearing in my VSTi list (ie no GA3 !). So I hope the re-installation has not messed anything up there now ! :confused:

For GA3,
Take a look in the Plug in Information list. If not there, show it where the files are on your hard disk, then update via the Plug in Information section. If that does not work or your plug file(s) are missing you may have to reinstall.


Ok, cheers Dave.

I have GA3 on dvd so re-installation should not be an issue.