Seamless tempo change

Is there a way to specify a tempo change (rit, accel … ) such that it seemless ends up at the next posted target tempo
example, if I’m at q=100 at measure 1; and q=80 at measure 20, and then specify a rit at a position in measure 19,
How do you get it to gradually slow from 100 to 80 in going into measure 20 ?

I’m looking for the solution that does not use 80% in the bottom pulldown; I want to adjust only via the new tempo mark in measure 20.

No, there’s no way to do this at present without specifying the amount by which the gradual tempo should change.

Well, you could certainly use the line tool in the tempo track within Play mode to draw a smooth line to the new tempo goal.

That’s what I did recently. It does take a bit of fiddling because the tempo of the goal is also moveable. While it’s easy to move that dot back to its original tempo, it’d be nice to be able to fix the endpoint.

yes, I would like to see a mode where instead of entering the %, you instead enter the slope and the tool slides into the new tempo using that slope value. The slope can be a few choices : linear, x2, exp or capture the pencil points from the play menu.
If the target tempo is changed, everything scales dynamically
Would also be nice if there was a global play option to make this the default mode, and there probably should be a way to assign the terminating tempo to a fermata, since it is common practice to end a tempo change on a fermata and then go to a new tempo.

Yet another thing to fling onto that big pile of requests. thx,

Dear shr23,
That would be awsome, I approve :wink: