Seamlessly from one song to next?

Hello, I’m remastering an old tape from 1977 for distribution on the streaming sites; Tidal, Spotify etc.
There are two songs where the first one stops and then seamlessly, without any pause, the other one begins. The last beat in the first song serves as the first beat in the last song.
How shall I put the markers in WaveLab? I’ve put the first song’s end marker and the next song’s start marker at the same position and it sounds right in WaveLab, but can I be sure that they are played the right way from Spotify or Tidal (if one wants to listen to the songs consecutively)?

I did an in-depth livestream about this, but the short version is to make sure to check the rendered master files in a new test montage to make sure the transition is seamless. Sometime plugins can cause a disruption upon rendering that you don’t get on playback.

CD Track Splice Markers are your friend here, as opposed to End/Start Markers. Rendering the montage as one long file first and then breaking it up into tracks also helps.

As somebody that has done many studio and live albums with gapless transitions, this is my best advice:

Thanks Justin, I knew you knew. :pray:t2:

No problem. I’m not saying it’s the only way, but doing it that way in WaveLab for over a decade has yielded zero complaints or issues on any format (CD, vinyl, streaming, cassette) in cases where songs crossfade/overlap with gapless/seamless audio.

I like a workflow that covers all bases and scenarios and this does it.

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