Seaons's Greetings

Hi Loungers…

Just wanted to wish all here a safe and happy holiday, if you are even recognizing one at all… :smiley: Best wishes from me and the Mrs.

May all your music be sweet, compositions complete, the world at your feet, and synced to the beat! :laughing:

Happy solstice to everyone!

It's not happy here in northern wasteland (a.k.a. Finishedland). Depression created by the darkness is kicking in. All you want to do is to lie in the bed and sleep. But no! You are not allowed to do that. You must join your family, smile, pretend to be happy, give and receive useless gifts, eat traditional dishes (which were luxury ones 200 years ago, but just bland according to modern standards), sing and/or listen to the most stupid songs ever written, etc ... I just hate it.

Hmmm, strap on your skis, or roller skates, get out the door and get some exercise, it’ll make you feel better. Or, move to Australia, I’ll take you to the local pub, we’ll get pissed and tell dirty jokes, go to the beach and eyeball those chicks in their bikinis, that’s sure brighten things up for you :wink: !

I’m not so PC… so Merry Christmas to the merry band of Cubasers, and to our beloved Steiny :smiley:

Nah! I have enough of exercise. Daily walk with the dog (she thinks my 3000 sqm/0.75 acres yard is not big enough territory for her and makes me to join her expeditions in surrounding areas every day … well … can’t blame her) and then there’s snow shoveling … lots of it … no … too much of it.

That sounds like a good plan! :astonished: