Search box in projects name At the Cubase Pro Hub

why there is no Search box in projects name At the Cubase Pro Hub?
what if i want to open my very old project in list?
i have to spend much time to find it…
it would be good if there was a search box at this situation

i just want tosend a feedback for cubase company and i just dont know how to do it, so i posted in here… please send my feedback to cubase community :smiley: tnx <3

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Use the Windows Search or the Spotlight (on Mac) to find the file and double-click on it to open it.

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hi, thanks… this way is too slow or not result most time… it good be in hub box at first… where can i post my opinion for developers?
is this topic work and developers seeing it?

This is why projects should be properly organised. How important are these projects to you? For myself, there is nothing on my disks more important.
Having said that, adding a search box in the Hub would be more of a service than jiggling around with the interface elements.

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look in internt for dbdone maybe that serves your needs. it is still in beta but its free.

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it is organised… but the project are too many, and if it was old project you can not find in cubase hub list becuase it get all the way down :roll_eyes:

wAaow, that is incredible… thanks :heart: :heart: