Search feature (and maybe Search/Replace as well)?

I’d like to put in a feature request, if the feature doesn’t already exist, for a simple Search function. I’m not talking about fancy filters or other things that require you to select a range of notes before they’ll work. I’m talking about something that will Search an entire, large score (in my case, 369 measures worth of Concert Band scoring) for what could amount to be a single, solitary double-sharp, or something of that ilk. I’m not asking for anything that hasn’t been done before: go look at Microsoft Word, load up a document, and hit Ctrl-F and you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about. As far as I can figure, there’s no way to do this in Dorico 5 now, not even with filters.

If you want to take my suggestion one step further, you could implement a Search-and-Replace function, with some logic built in so that only like replaces like. For example, only accidentals replace accidentals, so that you don’t have a pianissimo marker trying to replace a double-sharp.

Has this been requested before, or is it already in there and I’m just a doofus for missing it? Please advise, and thanks!

It certainly has been requested before, in various forms. But there are good existing methods that address some of your use cases:

  • We can filter for pitches, including distinguishing enharmonics. For something like search & replace, see Pitch mapping on the Note Tools Popover page in the User Guide. Yes, you have to make a selection first, but I think this is an advantage.
  • There are commands to adjust selected dynamics up or down a level

What I think is most lacking is the ability to search & replace a string of text among text items.

Well, in my particular case, I’m out of luck. I’m trying to search the score for double-sharps and double-flats and do enharmonic replacements of them. There’s nothing in Dorico 5 that can help me, so the feature request is really needed.

Could you not use the option at the bottom of the Transpose dialog to do this?

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As Leo suggests, the usual method is to “Transpose to the same key”, ticking the option to exclude double accidentals.

I imagine that this would be an extremely complex programming task. I dare say the devs will consider it; but I wouldn’t expect it any time soon, given all the many things all vying for their time.

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