Search Feature Missing

Hey all,

I’m having some issues with my version of 7.5 (I’ve done the 5.3 update), and was hoping I might find some answers here. First off, in the help drop-down tab I don’t have a search bar feature and can’t seem to find an option to turn it on in any of the menus. The other problem is when I start a project in Cubase 7 at school and then take it home to work on it in 7.5 everything works fine, but when I take it back to school all the instrumentation set to the MIDI tracks is gone and has to be re-programmed. Hopefully I’ve described this in a way that makes sense.

Thanks for the help!

Welcome to the forum!!

First off, there’s no search option in the menu anymore. You sometimes get specific help in windows via a button at the bottom left. All the main documentation is now in PDF and you can search that via your PDF viewer - that’s what I do mostly. The Operation Manual contains most of the hard facts.

As for the 2nd problem… I don’t know why. In fact, I wonder if this is related to the thread I raised yesterday? Does it fit this description?

Of course, it could be that your school version, being Cb7, is not entirely compatible with Cb7.5.


The Help search was a feature exclusive to only the Mac version - never should have been used as a selling point as it was in those C7 videos.