Search for Programs with Style Agents

In Groove Agent 5 is there a way to search for Programs (presets) that have a Style Agent? I found that some Programs have a Style agent, and others use MIDI patterns. I would like to be able to search only for those that have a Style Agent so that I can use the Complexity/Intensity and other controls to trigger variations in the playing.

Also, is there a way to load only the Style agent from a Program? I see the control in the upper-right corner of the mediabay in Groove Agent “Load it with Pattern”. When turned off, it loads only the kit and does not change the Pattern/Agent (using both terms here because that button calls it a “Pattern” whereas the UI calls it an Agent…). But I do not see a control to load only the Pattern/Agent.

Basically, I would like to be able to find presets that have Agents with the Style player. And I would like to independently load either only the kit or only the Pattern/Style/Agent. Can this be done? I am aware I can load the kit only, but see no way to load the Patter/Style/Agent only.

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