Search for staccato

I tried to find the concrete key command for staccato on a german keyboard and searched for “staccato” in the operations manual, the online help and the forum. I am aware of the key command section, but I wanted to stay with english in dorico even when I am using a german keyboard. Neither ] not ö works with that combination…
(Somehow I am used to work with the english language in notation software since the days of SCORE, which never had a german interface).

I was somewhat stunned when the searches in the online help and the operations manual was unable to yield a result which showed any information of the appropriate key command at all. Even more unsettling: The online help does not show any matches when someone looks for staccato, probably the most used articulation. Sorry to say so, but this I do not understand since it seems to be very unprofessional to me. The impression for less convinced professional musicians and engravers regarding dorico (I AM a fan, to get things right!) must be devastating - the reason I send this heads-up to you.

I’m not sure, if using the english language changes the key commands on a german keyboard?
For staccato I have to use +

Thanks again! Yes, it obviously does. The plus sign does not work.

Just tried it myself. Same result. I think, the key commands should follow the keyboard choice you make in Windows regardless of the program language.

We took a conscious choice not to specify what the key commands would be in the documentation because that complicates localisation of the documentation, and you can find them in the Key Commands editor. However, it’s not ideal that you shouldn’t be able to find any reference to staccato in the online help. I believe plans are underway to replace the search functionality that’s available on now with something more advanced.