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I’m converting a previous project from using Soli font and Tutti font to November2. But having set the music font to November2 Dorico opens the file saying it can’t find Soli and Tutti. If some instance of these fonts are somehow hiding in the score, how do you find them?

Also the Fonts Styles dialog shows n entry for each but the rubbish bin icon to delete them is deactivated. What’s happening here? Could this be because they were removed from the computer but somehow linger on?

Is that the usual Font dialog that appears while Dorico is loading a Project? That usually means that a STYLE is missing (or, if you prefer, wrongly specified) rather than the entire font.

It’s usual for other music fonts to appear in the Font Styles list. I’m not sure if Dorico tidies them up if they’re not used.

I think you’ll have to go through all the Font Styles: that’s not as daunting as it sounds: just Down Arrow through the list and keep an eye on the typeface.

Yes, I manually went through the Font Styles - it’s quick as you say. I did reinstall Soli to make the system more sensible. But I now think it’s used in some Playing Technique glyphs I made for note names with accidentals, but the Edit function does not let me see the font used, unless I misunderstand. I suppose I have to assume they came from the period when I used Soli and I have to recreate them with November2.


This particular editing interface (in all instances where it is used) is one of the few things that I think really needs rounding off. I do not like that you cannot choose an independent font for a single object (say, a random one-off playing technique that otherwise wouldn’t warrant its own dedicated font style) and I really dislike that you cannot deselect all the objects to see their combined appearance without bounding boxes. Sometimes you have to click ok, and then go back in to the dialogue just to see if things are correct, because the orange boxes make it too difficult to tell otherwise.


@Romanos that area could certainly do with some work, I agree. I still don’t understand the strange linkage points and gluing together for one thing. And in the present case, I am sure when part of the glyph combination is selected it does not show the font used. So I am now faced with potentially having to delete note name annotations in a 300 page score and having to redo them just to see if this is where Soli font is hiding away.


I agree that Dorico should help you to find these kinds of things more easily. In the meantime, I can save you some labour if you attach the project here or send it to me (e.g. via a private message), because I’ll be able to quickly find the places where Solo and Tutti are used by inspecting the project at a deeper level than possible in the application itself.


Is there any way I can do that myself? Or would this be exposing proprietary knowledge of internals? That’s a kind offer of you.

You can’t do it yourself, I’m afraid, because the file format is encrypted.

It is refreshing to see someone willing to take on the task himself to save Daniel time rather than expecting the programming team to do all the work. Kudos, @Andro !

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