Search Function for ANY Cubase functionality

At some point I decided I didn’t need Cubase to present me with an import options panel (e.g. Convert to project sample rate, etc.). So I checked “Please, do not ask again”. But now I want that panel to pop up again. After searching for 45 minutes (you can imagine my exasperation, I suppose), I finally found it under Preferences → Editing - > Audio

Huh - why there!? I am not editing audio at that point.

But that is not the real issue. I can understand you do need to group functions somehow. But, as I have asked before, I would really like some way of searching for the functionality I am after. Across menus, across preferences, across everything.

For example if I would search for “on import”, Cubase would show me a list of all preferences and menu items that have that string in their name, label, drop-down list, etc. etc.


The Manual AI.
You can tell what you want and it searches all manuals and tutorials on the net and presents the answer.

O wait, let me try with Google.
Google, search for “cubase switch on dialog when importing audio file

That’s actually a very smart feature request. In Microsoft Visio 2021 (and perhaps older versions as well), they have this feature with a text box on the top menu that says, “Tell me what you want to do.” As you type in the box, it shows you every option anywhere that is related to the word you just typed.

It will introduce another thing that is not relevant for the majority of the users and would consume many resources to develop and maintain it.
Only because two people are not able to use the internet?

You’re suffering from the Dunning-Kruger effect. It’s a matter of speed, getting TO the place you want to go. Not wondering HOW to do something. Like the Windows start menu - typing in what you want and it takes you right there instead of having to manually click through menus and tabs to find what you’re looking for.

oh yes, please, it´s so easy!

If I have to leave Cubase, open google and search then it´s a really good request.