search function for plugins used in the project

I would like to have a search function for plugins used in the project. Almost like in the VST instrument rack.

For instance, I can use 5,10 or 15 instances of Fabfilter Saturn, DMG Equality or LVC Audio Clipshifter in a project.

These plugins have a low quality mode and a high quality mode. So I work in low quality mode to save CPU, and when comes the time to the final audio mixdown, I’ll go through all these plugins and activate the high quality mode.

But it’s time consuming. I would love to have a search function where I would type in “Saturn” and all instances of fabfilter saturn used in the project would be listed, I could then click to open the plugin’s GUi and toggle the high quality setting, close the window and move on to the next instance of the plugin listed in the search menu.


+1 that would be very handy.
Especially in the big projects.
I would think it should be easy for Steinberg to implement with just a small update to the code of the Project Logical Editor that allows for operations on track containing insert effects.
A hide / unhide would do the trick.