Search function in LE Help menu is missing

Hello. According to the accompanying video there should be a ‘Search’ function on the drop-down ‘Help’ menu. However, this is not the case on mine (bundled with Scarlett Solo Studio Pack). I am unused to this technology and I’m finding the learning curve steep, so I’d be obliged if anyone has any ideas about this. Thank you.

Not sure what LE version you have but in my LE4 there is no search function on the drop down help menu. Maybe they meant that you can search the .pdf operation manual after you open it from the help menu.

Regards :sunglasses:

Hi there, thanks for the response and your help. In fact, I’ve since learned from the suppliers Focusrite that the Search function is only included in the Mac version of Cubase LE and not in PC (which I have). How peculiar is that? As I’ve barely scratched the surface of this technology it makes me wonder what else has been mysteriously left off. No doubt I’ll soon discover what.