Search score for playing technique etc

Is there a way to search through a long score for occurrences of things like ‘pizz’? I know you can filter to select playing techniques, but how do you find and move to each consecutive one?

You should find that if you select a playing technique, pressing Right arrow / Left arrow navigates to other playing techniques on that staff.

Good, But I want to find the fist pizz which may be somewhere around page 200 in my score, but I may not even know it to that degress of accuracy, if you see what I mean. So there’s really no ‘find’ function.

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Would it helps to find it if you edit the playing technique temporarily, change its color and/or size?

I have to say that being able to search for text within a category such as techniques is something that is pretty fundamental and am with Andro here. But obviously the team are aware of this and let’s hope it comes sooner rather than later.

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