Search / Scroll on disabled tracks

If I search for a track, and hit enter, the Project Window scrolls to the position of the track. But if this track is disabled, it does not scrolls to its position.


It works for me here. Even, if the track is disabled.

Hi Martin, thanks for checking. Did you test with enough tracks to fill your entire Project Window, so it has to scroll down to display the searched for track ?


Yes, I was testing it with 128 tracks. I scrolled completely up, selected track 1 and then searched for track 100.

Thanks. I don’t know what to say :slightly_smiling_face:


Do you have synced selection of the tracks and the MixConsole Channels? It’s your MixConsole open or close? Does it pay any role for you?

Hi. MixConsole (open or hidden) does not change anything. I identified the problem more precisely. It is if I search for a track that is disabled. Active tracks search works fine. But disabled track does not make Project Window scroll to their position.

Could folders have anything to do with it? I have observed that when a track is selected AND within a folder, and then we close the folder and start moving by Next/Previous Track commands, scrolling is halted. (when tracks are so many that the track list has to scroll, it does not)


It works with the disabled tracks for me here.

The Folder track question is more interesting, actually. Do you use Folders?

@Martin.Jirsak Yes that is a problem of folder (and not of disabled / active tracks as I thought initially, it does not change anything). If the track is within a minimized folder, search function does not scroll to its position.

Thanks @ggmanestraki

The question is, is there something that can be done about it? Is this an issue of folder logic in general, a navigation / search failure, intended behavior?


Then this is known and already many times discussed (and also reported) issue. The track becomes selected (you can see this in the Visibility tab), the problem is, the parent Folder doesn’t open.