Search song name in Track Marker

I work with many songs in the same project and I use the Marker track to add the markup to each song, and to search the name of a song, I need to go song by song.
In Cubase 12 is there a way to search the song name in the Marker track?

There is no text search but if you open the marker panel it might be relatively easy to select the entry visually from the marker list.
BTW - I’d recommend to use Cycle Markers when marking entire songs.

Furthermore you can also drag the column header of “Position” in the Inspector all the way to the right. This should exchange its position with the column “Description”.

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Ctrl+M opens the marker window :wink:
One workaround idea that may/may not work for you:
Have a separate track for each song then you can search for track name with Ctrl+F

Thanks for the answer.
So, on average there are 150 to 200 songs per project, it becomes difficult to search song by song to find a song.
Cubase has the option to search the name of the track, an option to search the name of the tag would be interesting too, it would be more practical.

Wow. Out of curiosity, what kind of projects do you work on?

Not a dedicated command, true. But-

@danilogustavo You can open the Project Logical Editor and type your search string using a PLE preset such as:

Find marker by description or name.xml (5.4 KB)


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We work with guitar acoustic and voice recordings, so the recordings of the month, we leave them in a single project.

Very good, looks like this will solve it.
Would it be possible when finding the song the marker go to it?

Yes, using the Locator to Selection command. It will be helpful to your workflow for you to study the transport commands.

You can see them all in a list in the Key COmmands dialogue, Transport section.

Perfect, it worked.
It worked here.
Thank you for your help.