Search specific words in Mediabay?

Sorry, I misunderstood.

Use the Logical (not Attribute) search and set the filter to ‘equal’, and not ‘matches’ or ‘contains’.

It’s in the “The Filters section” of the Mediabay chapter in the manual.

Or perhaps padding with a space before or after would work? This way you don’t have to operate elsewhere, but you would need to do the search twice to see all matches (in two batches).

I’d love for MediaBay to have an option to search by regular expressions! That would make your search very easy indeed.

Interesting idea… but spaces are ignored.

Have you checked out the Logical search in mediabay?


Did you try it?

Yes I did.
Did you try it?
And what’s your point?


Yes I did.

If I type in “wind” after “matches” is selected, I get “window” as well.

Try the same with “equals”.
Also make sure that you are not searching within attributes that can provide matching results.


thanks for the suggestion, but this seems to only return results that are an exact match, so searching for ‘ice’ will not identify a sound effect called ‘crushing ice’ or ‘ice pick’.

i’m sure that previous versions of media bay were able to do this, or am i just thinking of pro tools?

also, fredo, thanks for your suggestion but, as lydiot says, i don’t think this actually filters out the unwanted words.

I was writing this post while Phobic78 was posting his… I’ll post anyway.

Indeed, The answer to the OP’s question is no, “Equals” (my suggestion, sorry) only matches an entire field, not a single word in a field.

As far as filtering out, you can use booleans, so you can filter out strings thus: -words

We did. Same results.

If you tried this, did your version of Nuendo omit whatever result was ‘longer’ (meaning if you type “wind” you do not get “window”) ?

This however requires that one knows all of the hits one does not want in advance and type them in, right?

Yep. It’s of limited use. There’s no filter for Whole Words Only.

Hmmm … I see. Got a point.
I however do not agree that the function should be changed.
What if we could add a space before or after the word?
"Wind "
That would give us the best of both worlds …


Whatever is “standard” in search engines. I seem to recall Google previously allowing “” to ensure you only got what was in quotes, and nothing outside, and I think some search engines default to [space] meaning either [and] or [or] rather than only a word.

In short, intuitively speaking I think space to many would mean “or” or “and” because that’s how we type text generally. So I would prefer “”. It would also allow us to write things like;

“wind” forest

and get any hit on “wind” and “forest” but no “window” etc. We’d use both “” for making the word exclusively short and [space] to add a second search term.

But whatever is most prevalent is fine by me, or what most users prefer. The function is more important than which character to use in my opinion.

EDIT: I just checked and in MediaBay [space] seems to equal a boolean [+].

I definitely think space should be a factor, so yes. +1

It already is.

@Lydiot, what does space do?

It appears to function as [and]. So typing “key” in my currently selected database gives me four results, one of which has the word “clock” in it. So then typing “key clock” yields only that result.

Have you tried it?

Yes, I see. I was actually using it for that - without explicitly realizing it’s function. Thanks.

Hope to see a Whole Word filter in the future.