Search specific words in Mediabay?

It already is.

@Lydiot, what does space do?

It appears to function as [and]. So typing “key” in my currently selected database gives me four results, one of which has the word “clock” in it. So then typing “key clock” yields only that result.

Have you tried it?

Yes, I see. I was actually using it for that - without explicitly realizing it’s function. Thanks.

Hope to see a Whole Word filter in the future.

Well, I meant of course in respect to what Fredo suggested, but yes, I see my fault in expressing that. Thank you.

this is one of the few things that is well implemented in pro tools, but not nuendo. i haven’t actually used pro tools for a couple of years so i can’t remember how they do it. i think there is just some button or modifier key that makes it search for the whole word.

maybe somebody who currently uses both could check it out and report back?

There is no feature to search for complete words inside an attribute, I apologize and I wonder why that did not pop up on my desk earlier. We will treat it as a feature request, but it will be more than a no-brainer as far as I can think of it now.

Meanwhile, here is a hack for the MediaBay search parser you can use to find your “ice” …

Type into the “Search Results” filed, (or the logical search using the “matches”-operator) :

"ice %", "% ice"

This will unfortunately not find a simple “Ice”. but “ice pick” and “crushing ice” as well as “crushing ice pick”.

Will that omit words like “police”?

I tried it with and without the quotation marks, still got “slice”, “police” and every other word that has the concurrent letters “ice” in it. John.

Sorry, John you are right, my test content was too limited.

What I did, when I was searching for single words, was excluding every string that contained the search explicitly, like

ice -lice -fice

to remove “police” and “slice” and “office”, but that’s too painful for everyday use.