Search track names on the Internet

We are having a problem with our WaveLab Pro 9.5. When we are at “Import Audio CD” all the functions work except “Search track names on the Internet”. We get a message “A problem with your Internet connection occurred. The track Info could not be updated”. We have used this function many many times in the past, and the Internet works fine from within other applications and our Google browser. We would greatly appreciate your assistance with this matter. Thanks.

The used server is not in use any more?


I think you have to update WaveLab to higher version at least WL 10 or
try with

or other CD audio database

regards S-EH

Does WaveLab Pro 11 have an alternative to FreeBD that it can use to search track names?

Yes see above answer :wink:

built-in from WL 10.0 something…

regards S-EH