Searchable document of all menus and options

Here’s the update for Dorico Pro 3

Wait — what?

It isn’t for me. Is this a native feature of OS X? Why is it arbitrarily turned off for certain applications? Or why would the OS X version have any interaction with such a feature?

Yes, native feature for quite a few years. Most apps should have it if they use standard MacOS menus. I don’t think it can be turned off. Which apps don’t have it for you?

Dorico! Since day one! That’s what I meant in my first post!

It’s a system feature, and it works in most apps, but not in all. It seems like an Opt-out feature, because I remember when it was introduced (I think it was Leopard) many apps that didn’t have it suddenly were searchable in the help menu. However, that’s not the case for me in Dorico. Which OS version are you using, @benwiggy?

Well, this is interesting! The search field didn’t appear because I have my computer language set as Portuguese. As soon as I choose English as the main option in the system preferences, the search field appears. Seems like, since the default name for the “help” menu in Portuguese is “Ajuda”, the OS doesn’t recognise the menu item “Help” as the default one if it’s not the system language, but it does if it is. Conversely, if I set Dorico and the system language to Portuguese, it also works.

Ha! This is weird. Thanks for looking into this, Lucas.

I have no searchable help menu when I set the language to English. If I choose German, which is my system language it appears.
Is there any way to make it work in English? Working with Dorico in English makes it much easier dealing with tutorial videos and this forum, which is why I did chose in English.

Dear gratowski,
Thanks for your last post. I’ve always been running Dorico in English (for the very good reasons that you’ve detailed) and I did not know that, in French, the search was there !


This will not be the same as an attached, searchable help doc, but you can download the PDF of the English manual and use PDF search (or the Table of Contents or Index) to find specifics.

@Derrek: What I was talking about is the searchable menus ins Dorico. A way to find the right menu item by typing part of it in the search part of the help menu.
Like the screenshots from above show:

I suspect the reason this doesn’t work for you, gratkowski, is that this is a special automatic macOS-provided feature, and it’s only available if the name of the Help menu matches what the operating system thinks it should be according to the current primary language. There’s nothing specific that Dorico is doing here; this is at the intersection of what the Qt framework we use does and the standard behaviour of the operating system itself.

So my question to the Dorico team: Is there a way to make the search through the menue items possible in English even having a german system (Catalina)? It would really help me as I’m still new to Dorico and it takes me sometimes forever to find the right menu item.
Thanks frank

Daniel, thanks for the reply.
Is there any workaround to make it visible?

So I assume Dorico changes the name of the help menue, when I change it’s language to English, right?
Mabye there is a way to overwrite this info or keeping the name related to the system language instead the Dorico language.
Just thinking…

The Help menu would have to be named Hilfe (I assume) even when the application is running in English. There’s no way for you to do this.

That’s a bummer. Any chance that Dorico will be able in the future to detect the system language and names that particular menue in the language needed to display it?

To be honest, I have no idea. I’ve made a note of it and we’ll try to take a look into this in the future, but I’m afraid it’s unlikely to be our highest priority for some time. Sorry!

Good news! I found a solution for the problem: There is a software called Tinker Tool System
With this software you can tell Mac OS to start any Program in any language without changing the system language. I chose Dorico and set in to English and now I can see the search field in the help menu running Dorico in English and using the System in German.
Best Frank

Is there a way for Steinberg to affect Google searches, so that the latest version of help comes up? Often in my searches, Google points me to version 1 or 2. It’s not hard to change a “1” to “3” in the URL, but sometimes I don’t notice.