Searchable help index for Windows?

Is there a searchable (multi word) help index for Cubase 6 on Windows 7? Trawling the PDF manuals is a pain! The Cubase 6 video tutorials show one for Mac OS, which looks vry handy. Why isn’t there an equivalent for Windows or did I miss it? :confused:

The Index of the Operations manual is good.

Yes , the PDF manual index is OK. However, I’d much prefer a Boolean keyword type search (the sort of topic based “help index” that used to come with most Windows applications).

How about CTRL-F in the .PDF reader? This “find” function lets you type in a word to search for.
EDIT: Also “search” = CTRL+SHIFT+F.

Thats what I always use. Not the best possible but it works for me.

Thanks for the replies!

Yes, I use the find word or phrase function in adobe reader too and usually that’s enough.

Permit me to give a real world example:-
The other day I wanted to find out exactly what the lock button on each track does and doesn’t do. I gave up after 20 minutes or so using the “find method”. A Boolean search for “track” AND “lock” would have done it in a keyword/topic index.

I see what you mean. No matter what PDF program you use it’s never able to do anything but just a search for what you just typed, just the way you typed it or some permutation of it which essentially just increases the number of hits. It makes the search tool a really dull machete. It works but … :unamused:

Yes, that’s right. It works up to a point but fails when the search words are not distinctive enough. That’s why some clever folks invented Boolean searches and clever libraries. :confused: