Searcheable Preferences

One of the best things with Cubase is that it is extremely configurable.

However there are a LOT of settings in the Preferences.
Therefore I think it would be very helpful if it was possible to do a search in the Preferences like you can when you’re looking for Keyboard Shortcuts.


I’ve always liked this idea, yes.


Added to the Feature Requests WIKI :wink:



I very much guess this will be happening with the refactoring of the Settings dialog from SX days to the new look. Only question is when this will be done. It’s long overdue for sure.

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Very helpful feature +1000

Searchable EVERYTHING, not only Preferences. Just like Blender.
Press one Key to open the Search panel and type whatever you want.
That would be the feature of the decade.

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Don’t know blender, what does the search panel exactly do? Search every command and let you directly execute it (like the jump bar in Dorico) or go to the respective dialog window, like with a setting? That would be extremely cool indeed. VS Code has something like that, to.

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+1 very nice idea but I am out of votes… :disappointed:

Yes, I sure hope so. At least the look has been adjusted visually according to the rest of Cubase.
Especially compared to when you open a Device in the Midi Device Manager - then you get an instant Windows 98 flashback :joy: That one is in need of a serious refresh!

That’s it, you can search for virtually any action and execute it.
It even shows the keyboard shortcuts when they are bound, and you don’t have to type in the whole name, just type a few letters and it will display the closest results.

Such a feature should have been implemented in Cubase since many years already, and it should include the ability to search through the saved macros and logical editor presets.

I didn’t want to elaborate on this, but the best thing would be to have options for the Search functionality to enable or disable the display of macros and PLE preset, and additional checkboxes in the macros and PLE menus to select which presets are searchable when the option is enabled (individual checkbox for each preset + global ALL).

I know all the above is off topic, the searchable preferences is a separate thing.

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