Searching for a track preset takes a ridiculously long time

Hi! I’ve been experiencing a problem with searching for Track Presets.

I have some Instrument Track presets, which, in theory, should speed up my workflow. So I hit my keyboard shortcut for “Add Instrument Track”, the corresponding window shows up, I enter name of preset, for instance, “HS Empty”, and press Enter. What happens next, depends on something unclear to me. Sometimes the preset is found quite fast. But sometimes it gets REALLY LONG, like 10 seconds or more. Have anyone else experienced this? Are folks at Steinberg aware of this? Is there something wrong with my system or is it Cubase “feature”?

Maybe the autosave function is running while loading a track preset sometimes?

Definitely not. Happens much more often, and even if the project is almost empty (and thus autosaves instantly).