Searching for clipping

I wonder if it is possible to make some kind of search for the exact point on the timeline, and which track, where the level exceeds 0 db, that is, when clipping occurs.

You know - you’ve played back a whole song, and you see from the red square in the transport panel, that at some time, clipping occurred. How do I locate track and time?

I am aware that the output is the sum of all tracks and their individual as well as accumulated possible clipping, but still: Is it possible to search for the track clipping points?

Following, great question. As of now I toggle mutes on the likely tracks to locate it. It’s not that hard in the tracks I usually work with, but it would be awesome to skip those steps.

If you set the metering to
Hold Peaks
Hold Forever
Then at least you have a good overview in the Mixer after you have played the project.
To keep levels low, I have set my metering to :

Thats nice! I might nick that.