Searching for D2 updates sends me to D1.2.10

Having not worked with Dorico 2 (German) for two weeks I did a search for updates via the help menu and was sent to D1.2.10 on the Steinberg support (not the Dorico) website…
I reckon I should rather get a message that my version is the latest or be sent directly to the Steinberg download installer?

Not a big deal, just wanted to let you (developers) know…

Happy composing to all!

Yes, we’re aware of this, and it will be fixed in the forthcoming update. Ironically, of course, somebody will not be able to find the new update by choosing Help > Check For Updates from Dorico 2.0, because it will send them to the page with the 1.2.10 update on it. So it goes.

Can’t this page be changed on the web server to show the information for Dorico 2? Even a 1.x Dorico user should surely be shown Dorico 2 information here?

I’m not sure whether that’s the way our support team like to handle this kind of thing, but I’ll ask.