Searching for good orchestral instruments plugin or samples

Hi everyone,

for a little movie soundtrack i’m looking for a verry good quality orchestral instruments. Either as Halion Samples or as VST Instuments. It should be a complete orchestra set containig several types of Pianos, Strings, Brass, Horns, Flutes and all that stuff.

Formerly i used the Orchestra-Expansion on a Roland Super JV-1080 but switched completely to virtual instroments.
Also the sounds wehere nice, but not as realicstic as i want now.

I’m using Cubase 6.5. The budget should be within 400 EUR (450$).
Any Ideas?


Have a look at eastwest this is one of their plugins available in different versions dependent on price.
I have the gold version myself and think it’s great.

Have a look at their other plugins their is one called Hollywood strings more directed for film score.(think it’s quite pricey?)
Another good value orchestral vst is miroslav by ik but at the moment its only available in a 32bit plugin.

Edirol orchestra
I used this for years it’s to me the best orchestral vst I have ever used string wise it just sounds great.its old now and long discontinued but if your lucky you might find it on eBay I see it on their now and then.again this plugin is only 32bit

Only reason I stopped using edirol is it didn’t like being bridge in 64bit cubase

Personal I would recommend eastwest
Anyway I hope this helps