Searching Help in Cubase 7

Hi all,

Maybe I have overlooked the resolve on this, but any help would be appreciated.

I am running Cubase 7 on the PC and in the tutorial it clearly shows a ‘Search’ feature in the ‘Help’ menu. Sadly, this feature does not seem to be present in the dropdown. Is there a solution to this. Your help is much appreciated.

I think the tutorial you are viewing was done on Mac, so you have to open the manual and then search in it in your pdf reader.

Thanks Steve. That’s disappointing, would really help if it was also a cross platform function.

If it makes you feel any better, the search function on mac searches the help file, not the manual. That help file is accessible in Windows via the Help button in certain windows, or by hitting F1 when you see the help button. If there’s another way top access it on Windows I don’t know.