Sebastian music font and Nepomuk font just disappeared from my computer

Dear fellow Doricians,

I just noticed this morning that both Sebastian and Nepomuk fonts were no longer present in my computer, which is… weird. I reinstalled them and everything is ok now, but I was just wondering whether this could have been caused by the Dorico 5.0.20 update or some CleanMyMac intervention of some sort :person_shrugging:

CleanMyMac is just as capable of deleting the wrong thing (and leaving things that you wanted to remove) as you are – such apps can often do more harm than good., and there’s no need for them.

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Ok, fair enough… but I’ve been using it quite often for several years, and it’s the first time I get fonts deleted… and in a very thorough way: the json folder was deleted as well as the otf font.

In general Mac installers don’t remove existing files, they just overwrite them with new ones if needs be, so I’d be surprised if this was something to do with the Dorico installer. (On Windows things are a bit more complicated, and there we specifically mark fonts as being “permanent” so that they don’t get uninstalled when the app is uninstalled.)

This morning, I’ve had to reinstall Finale (which I never used) to get FinaleMaestro font back (and probably others). Still wondering why they disappeared.


MakeMusic have an installer just for the fonts, so you don’t have to install Finale.

However, there have been some tweaks to the JSON files (mostly to do with setting associated text fonts when you choose the Music Font in Dorico), which may not have been updated in the MM package, so you’re better off installing Dorico than Finale. :grin:

Ok, I didn’t know about the tweaks. I might reinstall Dorico then (which I don’t remember have ever needed to reinstall before).