Sebastian SMuFL font - beta 1

Well, this is an interesting thing. I have a project that I tried applying Sebastian to and the only noteheads that display properly are the half notes. Everything else is just a sea of stems. I followed the readme instructions and yes, I did restart. Any suggestions?

Nevermind… I had to select all, change the notehead type and change it back. Then it was fine.

Any idea what your noteheads were set to? The additional noteheads are fairly basic in Sebastian - there’s a few of each type, but not as extensive as Dorico.

Just the standard “larger” noteheads that I believe are the Dorico default.

Edit: I see now that if I attempt to do the “default” noteheads I’m left with only stems. It must be that they only appear on the larger setting. I must have had my thoughts reversed.

Dorico uses the Larger Noteheads by default, but changing to a different font should reset to Default noteheads, unless larger noteheads were explicitly set using the Edit menu or right click on specific notes.

If your noteheads are ‘default’, then there should be no problem. If that’s not happening, then I’ll probably need to see a file.

There is a single alteration that I’ve saved, and that is to the double-whole note (round) to the version that only has one line on either side rather than two. (And this notehead is not used in this work.) Perhaps this was enough to trip it up? Here’s the file (all native to Dorico, although some notes were copied from a different file that was an xml import).

Cantate Domino • Pitoni.dorico (545.1 KB)

Weird: it displays here fine. What happens if you use “Reset to Default noteheads” instead?

PS: I’d sort out that 6/8 beaming in 3/4. :wink:

i still unable to convert my font, so i had to do it manually :frowning:

Convert? To what, from what? I have updated the ‘ASCII’ range as well, so the basic symbols should work in Finale.

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from ttf to smufl … anyway i cannot use sebastian on dorico, i don’t know why … it is only boxes,

SMuFL is not a file format like TTF: the font is .otf OpenType, which should work on all platforms. Make sure you have installed the json metadata file, and also check that you haven’t already got a font called Sebastian installed.

Yes, that’s what happened to me, had to uninstall the Sebastian font I already had.
Very nice font benwiggy.


I encountered the same thing, you will have to remove the old Sebastian font (ttf) from your system, then copy the new smufl OTF Sebastian version, it will work with Finale, Sibelius and Dorico of course.

Florian’s original Sebastian was also OTF, so what’s this TTF version? The name is ‘reserved’, so no other fonts should be using it.

The ones I had were otf.


I would mean an OTF not TTF, my hands typed ttf :wink: