Sebastian v1.04 release

Font updates are very fashionable at the moment, so here’s a slight revision for Sebastian. A few tweaks, some extra glyphs, and improvements. The arpeggio down arrow is much improved, you’ll be glad to hear.

"That’s enough fonts now, thanks."

In the absence of any glaring howlers in the core notation, I don’t really have any plans to do more work on this font, having met the main objective.


It never ends with SmuFL… :smiling_imp:


Awesome work Ben :clap: :+1: Sebastian looks more refined, Bravo!

p.s: in case you need to make Sebastian font installers for both OS Mac and Win, drop me a line and will compile it for you :wink:

congratulations to @Robert_P for his excellent work on November2 which is undoubtedly a reference for musical fonts
You can see all the detail work when you look at the symbols closely.
Very good work.
An elegant and very fine font.

Thanks to Nordine, there is now a Sebastian Text version of the font, and installers for Mac and Windows!

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Ben, not sure if the installers will work for previous versions of Dorico, like Dorico 2… so only v3 and over I hope!

Just a note to say that we’re now on v1.07 of Sebastian.

There have been various tweaks and improvements, since 1.04, over a wide range of symbols, including: the wiggly arpeggio lines, figured bass symbols, breves, harmonics, etc, etc.

I’ve also made some improvements that mostly affect the appearance in Finale 27.2.