Second Cubase 6 Track! ENJOY! SINERGI-FUNK BASS

My second track I’ve made on Cubase 6! Still new to the music production of course and I spent a lot of time fixing some of my problems with this DAW… Such as high latency and major CPU issues… =/ Oh well much improvement from my first track if I do say so myself and they will just keep getting better! ENJOY!
Any feedback is welcome but before you criticize read first. ;] :smiley:

My recommendation would be to have the track pick up a little sooner. There just was not much going on for the first couple of minutes.

Agreed, takes a while to take off. This stylee needs to be kicking off right away, I’d the lose the 1 minute intro entirely. Maybe use a bit of it in the break?

thank you for the feedback! the song is still very flawed yes i know but ive barely used cubase so far… just wait till the next track!

thank you for the feedback bud! well a lot of hardstyle songs dont jump right to the most bumpin parts of the song. this also is good because you can have more variety in mixes!