Second Digitiphony (Electro-Orchestral)

I have coined the term Digitiphony, but the idea has been around a while I know - blending electro and orchestral sounds - tho I have tried to enlarge the musical form - I managed 40 mins with this. It took me about 18 months, in amongst doing other stuff. The first Digitiphony was performed by my former band U Kay Hytz, that was about 20 mins and more biased towards the electro spectrum, this is more towards the orchestral. Gonna try and crack the hour with my third :smiling_imp:

I used mainly EWQLSO Gold (close mics only) with shades of VSL strings for the second (slow) movement, and plugs for the electro stuff were Atmosphere (upgraded to Omnisphere just before I finished - woah, that’s a beast), Absynth and the little known, but deeply expressive (to me at least), Red Wings piano. All recorded and mastered in Nuendo 4 and 5 with VE Pro on a desktop LAN’d up to a laptop. Wish I had got the N5.5 update before I began - the VST expression in NEK would have saved me a whole lot of time.