Second Dongle


I have tried FB and have a ticket but getting nowhere fast at the moment.

I have two copies of Dorico 3, one at work and one at home on a laptop. I have a new dongle at home and the older one at work. Dorico 3 is on the dongle at work. I cannot get to work till probably September. I am a teacher and in lockdown. I was given a 90 license from the lovely Daniel but I cannot use my upgrade to 3.5 with it plus it runs out in about 30 days. (Still with me!?) :slight_smile:

I would like to upgrade to 3.5. Is there anyway to add the new licenser or some other way to get to use 3.5 on my home laptop?

Thanks in advance

I think if you are a bit patient you’ll get the 3.5 trial in a week or so. You could then enjoy 30 more days with 3.5 already.

That would be helpful but not take me through to September.

I’m sure Daniel will help you to get a further extension. I’d suggest to e-mail or DM him once the 3.5 trial is out.