Second hand copy of cubase - how to get Halion Sonic trial?

I bought Cubase 2nd hand and would like to get a trial license for Halion Sonic.
How can I get one?

Wierd that Steinberg almost doesn’t want non-cubase users to be able to demo/buy Halionsonic. I would have thought this kind of thing would be as easy to set up as all the other vendors that use the e-licenser and supply a demo.

Which version of Cubase did you buy from who?

What does this have to do with “non-cubase” users?

It was version 6.5, it came with all the demo discs etc.
I only mentioned non-cubase users because it struck me that the demo is only being made available to cubase users when they buy cubase, yet Halion Sonic is compatible with other DAWs - so it seems that Steinberg aren’t really trying to sell HS (or any of the other instruments that come as demos) beyond Cubase users.