Second hand music downloads

I’m trying to get my head around this idea.
My main question is how can it ensure that sellers really have deleted all their copies?

A couple of articles for and against.

Weird!!! :confused:


Probably an oversight. Okay, a BIG oversight.

I’d be a little leery (but not Timothy Leary) about buying “used digital music”. I realize that digital music is all ones-and-zeroes … but still … how can you be certain someone isn’t selling an mp3 that has peanut butter (or axel grease … or worse) smeared all over it? Nope, “used music” is not for me. You just don’t know where-the-heck it’s been. :wink:

Even ‘second hand’ seems like a misnomer since no-one’s ever actually touched it.

Agreed. Seems to me the viability of relying on the “honor system” for digital music distribution has been proven not to work commercially.

I’m guessing they keep records of what you’ve sold from that hard drive so you can’t make twenty quid from one track but how do they know you bought the track in the first place?

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

At least it would make for an interesting inverse Top 40 (bottom 40) of the most resold unwanted songs.
Oh, the ignominy.

Now that’s an interesting metric! :sunglasses:

Maybe someone could bundle them … Worlds Suckiest Songs Boxed Set containing 42,357 CD’s by Time-Strife Media … order before midnight and receive a complimentary set of foam ear-plugs … only $19.95 plus shipping and handling.

If Wall Street can bundle and resell toxic mortgages … why not unwanted songs? :wink:

Leaving aside the pesky technical and legal issues (which are actually the same issue), I question the financial viability of the model, because I don’t see how supply would ever satisfy demand, unless there’s a lot of people looking to buy crummy music. I doubt this is the case, given the fact that when I browse through my local independent record store’s used CD section, a rarely see anything that strikes me as something anybody would actually want to buy


unless there’s a lot of people looking to buy crummy music

(I’m not following you around TS - honest!) but the expression “One man’s crummy is another man’s must-have track” springs to mind. :laughing:


A fair point… change “crummy” to “less popular” :laughing:


:laughing: That’s pretty good! Where’d you get it?

I had a little too much time on my hands. :blush:

:mrgreen: Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us. :wink: