Second Headphone Output in the Control Room

Well apparently it’s impossible to add a second headphone output to the control room… and that’s unfortunate because I’d like to :

  1. Have my main output towards my monitors
  2. Have a first headphone output with the VSX plugin inserted on it, toward my VSX headphone
  3. Have a second headphone output with Sonarworks ID Reference inserted on it, toward my AKG712

1 and 2 are ok, but It seems that 3 is impossible, or am I wrong?

I have a 2nd set on speaker B

Shouldn’t be an issue…Just add it as though you were adding another set of speakers.
Unless you’re talking about a second cue mix rather than just mirroring the stereo out??

Yes, that’s what I did, but with speakerB as an headphone output I can’t add insert separated from speakerA so I have to enable/disable my headphone correction plugin accordingly…
That’s why having the possibility of adding several headphone outputs in the control room would be a plus

You can insert unique plugins for each monitor. Look in the Monitor section, not in the Main Mix section.

Yes I use SoundID and use it three times in control room. One for main monitors and 1 each for my headphones. As above go to insert tab.

If you added it a a headphone out then that’s not what you did.
Do you have a specific reason for needing it to be a headphone out?

Remember that Cubase doesn’t know what you have plugged to those outs. The Headphone specific out is not needed if you just want to monitor the stereo out on headphones…it’s useful for more advanced setup with cue mixes and stuff. Another monitor out will let you add independent inserts for two sets of headphones…even on the same output if you like.

Thanks you all, I’ve finally figured out how to configure my main monitor out plus two separate headphones configuration :

So yes, on the main section I had to select the monitor output I want to put an insert on (main speakers) and then switch to the insert section to add that insert,
Then go back on the main section again to select the second monitor output (heaphones), switch on the insert section and so on…

Well, it’s not exactly intuitive, but at least I have what I wanted !

I post a GIF showing the easiest way for future readers.

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Yes much simpler !