Second license needed?

Hi everyone

I’m in the process of installing Vienna Ensemble Pro so I can run my sample libraries over ethernet. I believe this requires me to open Cubase on the server/slave, load the instruments there and then access them via Cubase on my DAW where I’m working.

My eLicenser is in my current DAW machine, but it seems I’ll need to have a second to open Cubase on the slave. I have a spare eLicenser USB stick, so am using that. How do I activate this on the second/slave dongle?


You buy a second Cubase version, which will then come with an activation code, with which you can then download the 2nd license on the second dongle.

Ah, ok. So the real answer is that Steinberg allows only one installation of Cubase in my studio. They might need to think that as multi-computer DAWs are not uncommon.

Well, I’m certainly not going to purchase a second copy for myself. As it turns out, it seems VE Pro doesn’t actually need a sequencer to be open, so it may not be necessary at all.

Thanks for your reply.

The real answer is, they allow 3 installations on 3 computers. You simply can run only one at a time.