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How can I obtain a license for a second computer (laptop) and how much is it? Thanks!

Unfortunately there is no reduced price to buy a second license for another computer. If you routinely need to use Dorico on multiple computers, we recommend that you transfer your license to a USB-eLicenser, so that you can use your copy of Dorico on any computer into which you plug in your USB-eLicenser.

Some users have chosen to purchase an additional copy of Dorico at the full price applicable to them, e.g. a crossgrade if they are eligible, but I would personally advise against this and recommend that you make use of the USB-eLicenser.

As you probably know, once you have transferred your license from your Soft-eLicenser to a USB-eLicenser, as of the time of writing there is no way to transfer the license back to a Soft-eLicenser: the process is not reversible.

Oh well… I am getting a new computer and getting rid of the old one. How would I transfer Dorico to the new one?

Please see here.


Dear Daniel,
I want to buy Dorico with an USB-eLicencer as you recommand it.
But, when I’m on the Online Shop, I am very surprise to see that selecting the box packed product do NOT offer me to ad an USB-eLicencer whereas selecting the download version does. Is it because the box packed product includes automatically an USB-eLicencer (around 20€ in more) ?

If the USB-eLicencer is included in the box packed, I looked every topics about USB or Soft eLicencer in the Steinberg online support and it is not explained ! There are no product details about what we buy (DVD-ROM, manual, USB-eLicencer ???, more ???).

According to our webshop, the box contains a USB eLicenser - also known as USB dongle.
Please see attached screenshot

Is it possible to buy usb elicenser alone?

I bought one on Amazon, so yes, it is!

Or via the Steinberg web shop: USB-eLicenser | Steinberg

Or at your local dealer (where you can buy the Steinberg boxed products.)

17,6€ (+2,2€ shipping) vs 22,99€ (+9,54€ shipping !!!)…
I understand Pianoleo’s choice ! :wink:

It’s the shipping that’s the killer here in the UK, Marc. The Steinberg shop is cheaper than Amazon but I’m an evil Amazon Prime subscriber so delivery was “free” (rather than £8.39).

It would be great if Steinberg move to a cloud based option like iLok Cloud. This now works really well for me with Pro Tools

Any news on this?
Would love to travel with my Dorico, but dongles hanging out of the computer is a no go.
Kind Regards,

I’m sorry to say that there is no news on this front as yet.

Hi Daniel, I’ve a similar problem with Nuendo for my second working place. I work prevalently in my studio at home with a Mac Pro but sometimes I need to go out from here with a laptop for recording some voice overs in an other place. Here in my studio I do only mix and sound design but If I need to record some voice overs I need to go in another place. I wish I can copy my project on my laptop, record the needed voice over at the other place and come back to my studio.
I see two big risks in doing this. Loose my dongle if I bring my dongle with me in the other place (big issue!) or forget my dongle in my studio. I wish I can have two licenses of Nuendo but without purchase a second license at full price. Is this possible?

I’m afraid that in general I don’t believe this is possible at the moment, no, but I’m not an expert on the specifics of how the Nuendo team approach these kinds of situations. What I can tell you is that we are actively working on a new licensing system that we anticipate our software products will use in the future, and we expect that system not to rely on the USB-eLicenser, which should open up a lot of new possibilities. I can’t say when this will be available, and it is an enormous project that will take some time to come to fruition, but in the medium term it should be possible for us to provide more flexible solutions for these kinds of requirements.

Good afternoon, Daniel.

I wanted to check in about the possibilities for a second license/authorization. I am one of those willing to pay the crossgrade price again in order to have a second dongle. I use Dorico at work (Western Carolina University) and home and moving the dongle back and forth is really tedious and possibly risks damaging the licenser. Any updates on the licensing would be welcome. -Damon Sink

Welcome to the forum, Damon. You can certainly buy a second crossgrade if you want to, but I would advise against it, since of course I consider it legitimate that you should be able to use the software on each of your computers without any undue hassle. We are actively working on the new licensing solution at the moment, but I cannot say for certain when we’ll have the new solution in place. In the meantime, if it would be helpful, I can provide you with a time-limited license that you could apply to whichever of your computers it would be most convenient to use it on, so that you can leave your eLicenser in one place.

Thanks very much for your reply, Daniel. I will take you up on the time limited license offer. Let me know what I need to do. Every time I open Dorico, I like it better and better, especially once I stopped fighting my Finale Brain!

Also, I really like the new forum look and user interface. Big improvement. -_Damon