Second post I've made about this - This bug alone has me rethinking Nuendo (wrong waveforms)

Just opened up this project I’ve been working on for about a week - the final export is due tomorrow night. And of course, the disappearing waveforms at different zoom levels bug happens again. I am so so so over this happening. I love Nuendo to death but this bug is driving me insane. And its not always that the waveform disappears - It is WRONG sometimes too (look at the middle event in this video that I put my cursor on top of half way through - the waveform is there, but when I zoom in, it CHANGES!).

This was happening on my last computer too… But I’m on a brand new very powerful PC and this is ridiculous. My night is about to be much more tedious because of this bug that Steinberg refuses to address.

This happens way too frequently. And no, changing a DOP parameter doesn’t always work. I did that already and what you see in this video is afterwards. Deleting the “images” folder doesn’t work.

Steinberg PLEASE at least acknowledge this. A few months ago I contacted support and they said it was a graphics card problem (…wrong.). Are there any plans to fix this?

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Here’s a video showing when the waveforms are clearly CHANGING - not disappearing.

How am I supposed to work like this? This makes editing almost impossible.

EDIT - I apologize if I’m coming across as angry/aggravated. It’s just very frustrating to have to work like this on a client project (or any project)!

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You should go back to Nuendo 12 until that stuff is fixed.

Hey Steve thanks for the reply - yeah I’ll open in N12 and see if its happening there for this project, but unfortunately this bug existed in N12 too (and I think before that as well).

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No, this probably won’t help, as the problem also exists with N12. See my own post on this:

Luckily for me, it has only happened a few times since then. But if it happened again, I wouldn’t know what to do. Unfortunately, I haven’t found a workaround yet.

I feel for you in such a tight spot (deadline due). Tough spot to be in. I’m not sure how much it holds you back grom finishing things.
Good luck

One thing to note for other readers here; this is an older problem and might be related to PCs. I have not seen this on a mac or heard about this. Ot promoting mac use, just mentioning this for the quick readers.

I’ve had this happen to me in Cubase a couple years ago, but I don’t remember how it went away.

Have you tried the usual stuff? like (backing up and) trashing prefs, bouncing the audio snd see if the new clips behave like this too, reinstalling Nuendo, importing tracks into another project, etc?

Not everything, but most of it.

Incidentally, this happens both on computers using Intel’s internal graphics chip and on computers with a separate graphics card (NVDIA).

The same with us. Different zoom levels even display the wrong waveforms.
It often happens to us with large projects that nothing is displayed even though there is still audio there. You can’t edit audio if all you see is an empty line.
Sometimes waveforms and audio are a second apart.
Even deleting the images doesn’t help. And the problem has been going on for many years.

Steinberg was supposed to make a small repair kit to delete and recreate the waveforms.

Do you mean the buggy project behaves the same way in different machines?

By the way, is this a global issue, or is it project specific? Like some projects are fine and other present the issue?

Problem happens from time to time. Some projects are affected, others are not. But I can’t see any pattern. Last time it was an audio track that had the problem immediately after import. (So the problem occurred before any work was done on the track.)

No, what I mean is that it has happened on computers with different graphics cards. Just mentioning it because NVIDIA problems are often reported on the forum. This is not the case here.

There is a temporary solution for the projects that this happens in. You close the project, delete a file in the project folder and reopen the project. It might be the “.csh” file, I can’t recall. When you do this and reopen the project will need to recalculate waveforms. I had this in v12 and that was the solution for me.

It seems to be a problem with that file getting corrupted or something.


I’ll try this. Unfortunately I’ve seen this happen for sure on Large projects with alot of Dialogue editing and DOP usage. Lets keep in mind that DOP is something unique to Nuendo and a powerful beasts. I personally love to keep all of my DOP process available for any tweaks needed all the way to final mix. However i’m wondering if this bug persists if I should be adapting a new workflow after dialogue editing phase and make everything permanent and maybe keep a copy as Track version or disabled to avoid these waveform issues which i’m pretty sure are only related to something bugged out on DOP processes

Thanks Mattias I will give that a go when I hop back on the computer.

And yeah, agree with Timeline that this seems to happen tho most on larger projects with lots of DOP. I haven’t notice a specific event/scenario that seems to cause it though - seems quite random. I’ll open a project that was behaving normally and boom, broken.

Hey @MattiasNYC I just had this happen again and unfortunately deleting the .csh not only didn’t fix the problem, but it made it worse. I had maybe about 5 events on a track having the “wrong waveform” problem, I quit Nuendo, deleted the .csh file, re-opened, and now ALL audio waveforms are wrong.

If it’s not the .csh file, I’m not sure what other file it would be to delete. Deleting the .peak files in the Images folder doesn’t work either.

This is just a horrible bug that from what I’m seeing doesn’t have a temp fix. Really wish Steinberg would invest time into fixing this that has existed for years. It’s very very difficult to work this way

Well that sucks. I’ve never had that happen (it getting worse). What I have seen is that deleting it didn’t “take”, and then I think I may have deleted it again, saved as, made sure it was gone, and rebooted the whole computer, and then reopened. Either way I could always get it back to correct waveforms.

My intuition tells me that it may be a computer problem somehow, and not just a Nuendo problem. When I opened a project after having deleted the file it wouldn’t just redraw waveforms all at once and be done with it (it seemed) but instead sometimes I’d see waveforms redraw as I zoomed in/out. So I would zoom in and if I saw that it was working on the redraw then I would wait until it was done. I’d zoom in/out throughout the timeline until it was all done. Then I’d continue working.

PS: Whenever these things happen rather than a ‘pure’ delete I drag-drop files into a separate new folder for safety. Hope you did the same, and if not I’m sorry for not mentioning that before.

Yeah I restarted as well and just wasn’t getting any improvement. It seems to always happen when I’m on deadlines haha so I never have too much time to fiddle with it.

And yes I just drag dropped!

Thanks for the insight