Second project window for musicians

Second project window, like (mixer1,2,3), where you can set a different view of tracks, their visibility, auto-scrolling settings etc.

hi, maybe a workspace would work here! ??


But they should let non-musicians use it too :ugeek:

Not quite. I mean two different windows that work simultaneously. One for me, one for the musician/lector/etc on the other monitor.

I would take the idea further and say that the second project window could be linked/mirrored or non-linked/non-mirrored.

ie, much like having 3 mixers with different track visibility, you could have 3 project windows with different track visibility/zoom levels/auto-scroll states.

So you could leave a project window that is just bass and drums on one half of your screen, and then the rest of the instrumentation on the other.

pretty far out requires though :laughing:


There have been times when I need to be zoomed in for the task at hand, but also need to compare it to a different section of the Project. Now, that means scrolling back & forth. But with two Project Windows side-by-side you could just see it all.

In the OP’s specific situation, do you really need there to be 2 different Project Windows or would one Project Window displayed on two monitors work? If it’s the latter then maybe some of Window’s built in mirroring options would help. Even when 2 people are looking at a mirrored display they can both interact with it.