Second screen 4K Question

Hello, I was using Cubase on a Dell laptop with a 4K screen
The situation was very bad, either too big or too small
And now I’m in the studio. I built a computer with a touch screen, FHD quality
Now I would like to have a bigger screen 4K to distribute the work to the two screens
I saw that there are some people complaining about problems and I wanted to ask
If i buy a 4K screen
and merge it with the current screen
I have two options in my mind: Dell Ultra Sharp 4K 43 screen, and the other option is the same size, but it is Ultra wide. What are your suggestions and are there any problems you face?
Operating System Windows 11 pro
Cubase 12 Pro
GPU : NVidia 2070 rtx (STUDIO DRIVER)


Get a big enough screen so you don’t need to use scaling.

Yeah i will not play with settings i want to keep the scale 100%

But how i know what a screen size will perfect with cubase
Ultra wide vs the regular
And will work with no problem if i have 2 resolution 4k and fhd??

I use an ultra wide 4K screen as my main screen to view the Project window in Cubase, it works well to view the arrangement/timeline. I have a second 4K screen to show the mixer window, and that’s a layout that works well for me. Running FHD and 4K monitors at the same time shouldn’t be an issue.

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Thank you for confirming because I previously read that there are problems related to the Lags