second screen.. again..

After been using elements 9 for some time and on several smaller projects, theres one bug that annoys me a lot. The mixconsole refuse to open on my second monitor no matter what, after opening a new or old project. Every single time I need to drag it over to the second monitor from covering the project window on my main monitor. I have it stored as a template, I save a project with the mixer where I want it, but no, if I load the same project again the mixconsole opens on the main monitor above the project window.

I know we are supposed to use the lower zone now, but I dont want it! I have two monitors for a reason, to maximize the workarea. I use Cubase 8.5 pro in my main studio, without this issue and I have also the 9 trial there without the problem. Anyone else with elements with this two screen problem? And someone know a work around? or a fix? The computer with this problem is an imac with sierra.