Second screen on iPad. This is very cool!

After I posted that I saw that iDisplay had terrible reviews and hasn’t been updated in well over a year with complaints of no responses from support so I bailed on that plan. Just didn’t seem worth the money knowing that. Too much of a gamble. I went with Duet display and it worked great except for multitouch and maybe some CPU overhead.

I should also add, Duet Display does support multi-touch on Windows PC’s. For instance, I can pinch and zoom when using Affinity Photo. It’s Cubase that doesn’t register multi-touch input from the display. Studio One registers nothing at all even though it’s supposed to be multi-touch enabled. Same for Reaper. But some applications do work.

I know this is an old post but I’m trying to use my Ipad to control softsynths with Duet Display but I ca’t get touch working, any ideas?