Second screen

I’ve seen it recommended in a few places that one add a second screen and keep the mixer up on that screen. Sounds great to me. I use a portable and screen space is tight.
How do you ‘tell’ the second screen to hold the mixer?
Anything else I would need to know?

Set up a ‘workspace’ and save it with the mixer in the second screen

Thanks. Can you expand that?

And while we are at it, can I use a second computer (also a portable) as the second screen? It’s old and slow but this would not matter much since it wouldn’t be processing anything really.

Or, just put the mixer on the second screen and save it all as a template. Boom, its there every time you start a new project.

You can with a bit of faffing around:

Wow, thanks. And I got a new (for me) verb ta boot. I’ll check out the link.